Discover your Why

Why… have you ever truly considered your why?  This word compels me daily. At the beginning of my health journey my why was tied to the way I felt. Sick and tired. I can say I have truly grown during this process and my why may appear different than in the early days, although I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s changed, more like it has grown. I am going to be very vulnerable here, sharing my heart, in hopes to inspire someone or even as my personal motivation for today. 

Top 5 List of “My Why”

*Health – not only physical but emotional as well. I have done some real soul searching as to why I chose bad foods or over indulging, that got me in the place I was just over a year ago. I’ve learned that turning to food is not the answer, which leads me to my next reason…

*Obedience – for me, this became a real thing. God gave me this body, His temple. Who was I to slowly destroy it with my selfish desires? 

*Energy – I truly wanted to feel good. The kind of feel good that compelled me to jump out of bed, ready to face the day. The kind that allows me to not only be able to climb the stairs in my house (which my hips were in such bad shape, I couldn’t) but the kind where I can work out daily and have energy to tackle each day. 

*Excitement – it’s actually fun to eat well. Clean eating has opened my mind to new recipes. As I shop for groceries, and I walk into the produce section…I’m actually almost giddy. I see so many possibilities and the food y’all….the colors, who wouldn’t be excited about just how pretty they are?!? ? I’m definitely a foodie, but I’ve learned to turn my focus to healthy options. 

*Knowledge – I am learning daily! How to eat, why I eat, what to eat. Food is fuel, it is not my comfort. For years I turned to food when happy, sad, stressed or bored. It was my go to. I’m learning to turn to other things and remember food is fuel. It’s the energy my body needs, not the source of contentment that once filled me. 

This is the hard one. Choosing good food is easy, choosing how to eat it is still a daily choice. Whether I binge on Doritos or grapes, binging had to stop.  This is where I’m so thankful for a Heavenly Father that shows grace and gives me new strength daily. 

Each day we are given so many choices. 

How we eat, the way we react to situations and how we ultimately love ourselves. 

I’m grateful for this. I’m grateful for grace.

I want to encourage you today, think about your WHY. 

It can be life changing.