I gave up paper towels

I gave up paper towels. Who does this? More importantly, who writes about it? The day I told myself “no more paper towels”  was monumental. See, for me it represented well more than that white roll of tree sitting on my counter, it was about will power. I am a recovering paper towel junkie.

8-10 rolls a week, $70 a month. So I made up my mind and hid the roll along with the cute stand that accompanied it. It was replaced with the most adorable tea towels and cloth napkins. I’ve spent many an hour explaining my reasons, with some side eye judgement by a few. I have survived! Six months later,  now in place of the big white roll, sits the most adorable live green plant, and a gentle reminder that I can make a small difference on this planet. I can work to be a better me, starting with the smallest of changes. What’s next? Who knows! But I am confident I am capable! Happy tea towels to you! 

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  1. I need to give them up also. I use them about half the time, but always find myself giving them to my grandchildren and husband ( who are messy by nature), so I don’t have to wash so many dishtowels and rags. Besides. Even though I Clorox the towels they are smelly in less than 6 hours. Any suggestions? Love the blog!

    1. So glad you found me!
      I use thin tea towels or even cloth napkins in place of paper for quick clean ups and the thicker towels for dish drying.
      I typically wash kitchen towels twice a week (and I am in the kitchen all the time!)

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